Asbury Preschool

for three, four and five-year olds

Parent comments:

"We are so grateful to be able to be part of the Asbury Preschool program.  Not only a wonderful school, but a wonderful church as well.  Thank you for your attention to detail and excellence!"

"Asbury feels like a second home to our family.  The entire environment is warm and loving and this is how I want my children's preschool experience to be."

"Asbury Preschool did not only prepare my son socially and academically, but provided exceptional love and support that Cooper will ALWAYS carry with him.  Thank you!" ~ The Sullivan Family

"Asbury is the best preschool program around.  Both of my kids who have gone loved it.  I'm sad we're moving away, as it means our youngest won't have the chance to experience the nurturing and fun atmosphere of Asbury."

"We knew the Preschool program was good, but it continues to do new things to improve the environment for the kids to learn and inviting for parents to make lasting friendships!" 

"The program is great, the teachers are fantastic and the kids get a wonderful example of school and learning while still getting to just be kids.  We love it!"

"Asbury Preschool rocks!.  My son spoke only Spanish, now he can even sing in English!  Thanks a lot to Asbury Preschool!"

"The Asbury 3-year-old program is fantastic!  The activities are diverse and the curriculum does an excellent job at preparing the children for their next step.  Will definitely recommend to others!"

"Driving home from school last week, my 5 year old exclaimed: 'This was the best year ever!  I never want to forget this preschool!'"